Friday, January 1, 2010

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!

Happy New Year my Friends!!!!

I am amazed at how quick 2009 seems to have gone now that we have celebrated the final days and moved on into 2010.

2009 was a year of 1sts in our family.  We boldly moved from Graduation into many a new territory.  I can't believe our only daughter received her driver's license, then a month later left home off to college before she even turned 18.  The first year of changing birthday celebrations, Christmas traditions and ending the year.  This year we will see some more firsts bringing hope and some bittersweet memories of family times of yesterday and yet to come.  Our family spent New Years Eve and the wee early hours of New Year's Day in New York City -- a first considering how close we actually live to New York.  We stayed in New Jersey and took the bus into the City.  What a lot of fun and then the subway to pick-up our waiting tickets for Dave & Busters where we spent a good portion of our New Years eve with other revelers.  We made a couple new friends when we met a dad and his daughter while we were waiting in line.  Dad is a pro bike rider and daughter is in 9th grade - a freshman in high school hooking up with a freshman in college. :)
What a GREAT time.  Very busy, very crowded, but overall people were very nice and lots of them VERY helpful.  Yaay New Yorkers! :) Yes, as you have probably heard there were a couple of sour pusses (I don't think any of them were the New Yorkers, LOL) but over all it was AWESOME!
Still decorated for Christmas, the city looks pretty and ready for all the festivities yet to come on this New Year's Eve.

Even a bride and groom took advantage of the holiday sparkle!

If you look very carefully you can see the ball in the top peeking between the buildings as it is dropping with the countdown to the end of the 2009 year and into the 2010 year.

Wishing you a year filled with building relationships and courage!

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