Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Calendar Templates

I looked all over for what I needed for calendar templates, but I could not find any to fit the needs of my group members. So, I decided I would have to make my own templates. I needed something that no matter which month it was I would be able to use the information to create a calendar page and would not have to keep changing or recreating things each month. These templates are based on that. I have left the font in (PSP) vector format so the text can be changed if desired.

This is a much reduced sample
Just click on the image to go to the download

The framework is one layer,
the days are another layer,
and the numbers are set into 7 separate layers based on starting on each of the 7 days.
Depending on the day the calendar month starts I can choose the correct day and not have to do too much editing.  (sorry if this seems confusing; it will make more sense once you see it)

To use these calendar templates - all you need to do to create your Calendar Month, is determine on which day-of-the-week it starts, then copy the layers needed to complete your calendar. Finally, add this to your decorative background. Ta-Da! You’re done. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Purple Stars Scrap Kit - FTU (Tagger Size)

Here is my first ever scrap kit. This is tagger size. I love to scrap and collect pretty papers, and have been doing so for some time now - even before I knew it had a name. :) Then out came the digital version and I thought, but what will I do with them, how can I print 12 X 12 layouts? What indeed - tag, of course! :)

I do wonder how others print their 12 X 12 layouts though.

Just click on the preview to download.

About Me

I am originally from Southern California transplanted to Southeastern Pennsylvania in 1985. I find myself split on my decision to leave my home state so many years ago. I always say you can take the girl out of California, but you can't take the California out of the girl.

When I first moved I was all about the adventure of a new environment. However, as time passes you come to realize that what one leaves behind is a part of you. I miss much about my home state, but I've lived in Pennsylvania so long, I'm sure I would miss things here too. Talk about divided interests. I especially miss the summers in California and the people. Here in Pennsylvania, they have beautiful autumns with all the colours I never saw in my home state. The spring brings a plethora of beautiful flowers awakening after their deep winter's sleep. The people here are very slow to warm-up to you though, and that was a very different change for me coming from a state where all are welcome. While the years have passed and my accent has lessened, the speed of my speech still sometimes gives me away, but I have adapted to where I live, and my husband is from here. Together we have one teenage daughter, who has all the needs of a teen - to stay put in school where she knows all her friends.

I am currently a substitute teacher for grades K-4 (I work about 4 or 5 days a week; it depends on the time of year). Previously I was an ESL (English as a Second Language) Instructor. I have been in the field of education since 1993. I worked my way through college during that time and was able to apply the skills I was learning through my coursework. This I believe is a much better way to become a proficient teacher than just student teaching alone. Immediately apply what you learn and see what works and doesn't. I love working with children! What a wonderful opportunity to see them learn and grow each day.

I keep busy with my daughter's band activities and other extracurricular activities, as well as all the usual daily parenting needs.

In my spare time I love to read, scrapbook and hand stamp cards. My recent passion has been creating graphics on PSP and AS. I learned about Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop in December 2006. Wow! What wonders one can create. I wish I had more time than I do to "play" but alas, real life does come first, LOL. :)I also enjoy many other crafts when I have time.

I am a part-time seller on eBay. Right now we are mainly trying to clean-up excess stuff we have hanging around. I'd rather not clutter the world with my junk in a land fill, and someone else may truly need that item, besides, I could always use a little extra cash. I don't make much as a substitute.

I am the oldest of 4 children. I have lost 2 siblings in tragic deaths, which only makes me realize just how fleeting life can be and how we should enjoy the precious moments we share with those we love.

My sister, Cindy, was killed by a car on my way out here to Pennsylvania. She was only 14 that summer and would have been entering her sophomore year in school.

My youngest brother, Chris, was hit by a car when he was 10 years old. He survived, but had many, many life changes because of this and eventually gave up life here with us on earth when he was only 27. He does have a wonderful son, who lives on the east coast, though I have only met him once. He's a sweet kid and looks soooooo very much like my brother, it's incredible.

To say I'm an over protective parent would be putting it mild, LOL. I try to give my ONLY child the wings she needs to grow, but still keep her close to my heart to protect her. I cannot always do that and I have to trust that she makes the right decisions based on what we as parents have taught her.

My other brother is only 13 months younger than me. He still lives at home; we won't talk about that, LOL. His daughter is less than 2 months older than my own.

Life is what you make of it and if you cannot see good things through the bad, life will always give you struggles. You cannot have the rainbow if you don't also take some rain. Remember, life can't knock you down unless you forget to get back up.


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