Saturday, February 21, 2009

Purple Stars Scrap Kit - FTU (Tagger Size)

Here is my first ever scrap kit. This is tagger size. I love to scrap and collect pretty papers, and have been doing so for some time now - even before I knew it had a name. :) Then out came the digital version and I thought, but what will I do with them, how can I print 12 X 12 layouts? What indeed - tag, of course! :)

I do wonder how others print their 12 X 12 layouts though.

Just click on the preview to download.


  1. Beautiful scrapkit Vixen!! thank you so much. I have downloaded it.

  2. How cool is this!! The things you do in your spare time! No wonder I don't see you that much anymore, not to say that I am around that much either lately. I've toyed with digital layouts and am even considering a 12x12 printer . . . but what is "tagger" size? I know you shrunk those scrapbook pages years ago to make keychain type books for the girls . . . is that what you are doing here? Great job neighbor!


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