Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall is in the air -- Wall Decor with my Cricut

What a beautiful “fall like” day. The cool temperatures and leaves falling into my pool made it feel more like a late September or early October day rather than the August 24th day near the end of summer. It’s been in the high 60’s all day and a breeze blowing nicely. It’s actually kind of appropriate as returning to school when I was younger always meant fall and return to fall clothing – and that’s exactly what we did now – we sent our only off to college this week, same thing, different generation, LOL. So….I just had to do some wall décor in her dorm room for her with my Cricut.

First, I use the deep housing blade (blue one) to cut my vinyl. Then, I weeded out the stuff I wasn't going to use. After adding the transfer tape, we moved her name around a bit until she found just where she wanted it to go. Next, while still holding it in place, I removed the backing and...

...started burnishing the letters to the wall.
Then, I carefully started pulling the transfer tape away, making sure the letters were not coming up with it -- they didn't. :)
...and ta-da! the finished name -- centered right where she wanted it.

Check out the cheetah cloth on her bulletin board too. LOL. Last year we covered her message board with a blue background and stars, this year we went cheetah! (we trimmed up the cheetah cloth after we were done with the name... it looks much better, only we forgot to get a picture when it was finished, LOL).

It’s been pretty busy around here – I hope to catch up on things and then post some more cards soon. Have a great week and see ya' soon!

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