Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Too Cute to Spook - Triangle Trifold Card

October has arrived and I get to create something with the cool new Hooligan papers and little Hooligan monsters. I really like how the card came together and I just love the Hooligan colors!

This card sounds more complicated than it is to create, but it's kind of hard to describe so I needed to make lots of steps.  It's an adorable square card that opens in an nontraditional way.  The two triangle left and right panels make it appear square, but when you open the card it's actually extra long.

CTMH Black CS (1386)
CTMH Goldrush CS (1243)
CTMH Hooligans L2 Paper Packet (X7129B)
CTMH Hooligans L2 Assortment (Z1332) - smallest monster
CTMH Sunset Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad (Z2129)
CTMH Colonial White Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad (Z2168)
CTMH Black Exclusive Inks Marker (Z2305)
CTMH Creepy Cobwebs Stamp Set (D1319)
CTMH Troublemaker Stamp set (B1360) for the "too cute..." words (available exclusively w/ the Hooligans Workshop Kit)
Cricut with Accent Essentials Cartridge - Shape Accnt48s (page 79), cut at 2" on CTMH
8" Halloween Ribbon, cut one end at an angle and tie a knot on that end
Also needed, scoring blade or some way to score and adhesive

Cutting Directions
Black CS Base - 3.5" x 10.5"
B&T Duo Paper Square - 3.25" -- cut diagonally
Black CS Large square - 2.75"
B&T Duo Paper Square - 2.5"
Black CS smaller square - 2.25"
Goldrush CS smallest square - 2"

Putting Card together (see card picture for correct placement)

1. First, score your card base at 3.25" and 7" (creating 3 equal sections)
2. Fold the two flaps in and then back out for the next step.
3. On the two end pieces, you will score from the score line at an angle out to the corner (see open version of card for how the folds will look
4. Fold the angled pieces away from the card.  (you will now have 2 valley folds, the first two and two mountain folds, the last two on the angle); fold card closed
5. Now, glue the 2 B&T 3.25" triangles to each triangle section
6. Next, open card and stamp "Too Cute to Spook" saying towards bottom of center inside of card
7. Stamp cobweb with Sunset Exclusive Inks on the Accnt48 shape; also sponge edges with Sunset and write Happy Halloween in black
8. Now for the front while the inside is drying...Sponge the edges of the Goldrush square with the Sunset Ink.
9. Now, stack and attach the 3 remaining squares, plus the Sunset, in descending order ending with the Sunset.
10. Here's the slightly tricky part.  Place your square set where you want but do not attach yet.
11. Apply adhesive to HALF the square (on an ANGLE), so the adhesive will go in a diagonal fashion from the top corner to the bottom corner, and place on card front to the correct triangle half -- do not glue entire back or card will not open
12. Attach the Halloween Ribbon towards the bottom (leaving a little of the Goldrush showing on the bottom) -- wrap a small amount (without the knot) to back so you don't see end and attach ribbon securely with adhesive or pop dots only to half of card (or your card will not open)

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