Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas Note Pad

Wondering what you can get for your child's teacher that he or she will use but not have another 10 ties or mugs? LOL... Here's a great idea for something s/he can use that's not too difficult and doesn't take a lot of time. It also says...hey I was thinking about you.

Create a note pad and you can even personalize it if you like. Yes, it does seem Christmas is a bit off, but funny thing is --- it seems to creep up slowly at first, then wham suddenly it's upon you! Besides now's a good time to look for some sales or at least keep it in the back of your mind if you run across any, LOL. :)

First, get your self a 5 x 8 note pad (or several if you need more: teacher, nurse, secretary, music teacher, dance instructor, baseball coach...)

Then with a few more supplies you're ready to start cutting, gluing and stamping...

Supplies in addition to the note pad:
• A 12 x 12 piece of Colonial White Card Stock - cut as follows:
>> a piece to 5 x 8
>> a piece to 5 x 9-1/4
>> the 4 x 5 left over from the 5 x 8 -- cut to 3-1/2 x 4-1/2
>> the scrap from the 5 x 9-1/4 just save for stamping
• A piece of Juniper cut to 3 x 4
• A piece of Red (dots, stripes...) B&T Duos from Jingle Collection (or other if you prefer)
• A 6" piece of ribbon, red or green or coordinating color
• A hole punch
• A corner rounder
• Holiday Trinkets stamp set (D1366)
• Some type of adhesive (I used Bonding Memories, but tape runners work well too)
• Ink Pads: Tulip and Ponderosa Pine
• Marker: Ponderosa Pine (or you could use waxy flax if you don't want to draw)
• Dauber duo or sponge
• Scissors, My Acrylix Blocks (3x3, 2x2, 1x1)

Stamp ornament image, using the tulip ink pad, on the small scrap piece of paper (left over from the 5 x 9-1/4 piece) and also choose which present you want for the top and stamp that on the scrap too. Let dry while you complete the next tasks.

Randomly stamp the snow flakes using the Ponderosa Pine on the Juniper piece. Just a couple times near the center ought to do the trick. ♥

Take the piece that you cut to 5x8 and use your black blade (the creaser blade) to create a crease at one inch. Then, take the 5x9-1/4 piece and crease at 1 inch and 1-1/4 inch. Next, still holding the 5x9-1/4 piece punch two holes on the one inch portion (this will be your top and the place the ribbon goes through).

Now, take your sponge or dauber duo and sponge just the one edge closest to the holes and sponge 3 sides of the 5x8 from the crease down around the side, bottom and back up to the other side stopping before crossing the crease (see picture above).

Next, glue the TOP EDGE only of the 5x8 piece to the front of the note pad. The next part is a little tricky but not too hard...take your ribbon and thread it through the wrong way (meaning both tails will be on the back (temporarily), then cross over on in the back and thread opposite ends back UP through the holes to create the tails you see above. Now you will glue the entire back of your note pad and place the 5 x 9-1/4 piece (lining up the edges and the folds) so that it folds over to the front and then glue the flap down on the front making a finished edge.

Whew! ....all the hard stuff is out of the way, LOL.

Now glue the red Jingle piece to the center front.

Use the corner rounder on the two remaining pieces, then glue the Colonial white to the center of the red and the Juniper to the center of the white.

Cut out your ornament - this will be the BACK. Once it's cut, turn it over and sponge the edges. Stamp the decoration in the center, and if you like...add glitter.

Cut out your chosen present. Glue to the top of your ornament. Draw a ribbon line down and two loops for a bow or use waxy flax. Then glue on the ornament.

Ta-da! all done...sounds longer written than it actually takes to complete. Give it a try. :)

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