Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Tip Tuesday - Markers

Today's quickie tip -- the best way to store your markers.

Store your markers lying flat.  If you store them tip end up, all the ink runs away from the tip so the tip drys out faster.

Ahhh, then the solution it would seem is to put them tip down, but the problem here is the ink all pools in the tip.  So, you end up with a lot of ink at first (darker and wetter images).  Then, the color fades so you won't be getting a nice even color throughout the life of the marker.

Flat storage is best as it always maintains about the same level of ink in the tip throughout the life of the marker.

Towards the end of its useful life if it's not refillable then you may want to place it tip down to get every last drop out of it.  You could also try refreshing one last time by dipping in a small trace of water...sometimes it works, sometimes not -- depends on the brand.

Happy paper crafting

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