Sunday, October 11, 2009

Putting the Pool to Bed for the Winter

Hard to tell from the picture, but this was taken today -- a strangely warm day in October -- as I prepare for cleaning the pool for the last time and getting ready to put it to bed for the season.

It's one of those bitter sweet moments where you look forward to one less chore on your "to-do" list, but at the same time you know the pool looks ooooh so much better with the pretty blue sparkly water than the bulky winter sleep cover.


(these pictures were taken a few days ago right after a lovely storm, LOL) why you put up with this in the fall even though it's still pretty nice out.

Amazingly it feels much warmer than the 60°F the thermometer shows for the outside temperature on this beautiful sunny autumn day in Pennsylvania.

Back to work...I still have some vacuuming to do, and a few other tasks before the covers can finally be pulled up and this guy put to bed for his long winter's rest.

No more diving board, no more furniture and the task of winterizing the backyard and the pool have begun and finished all in a day....

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  1. There is heart in this blog and I will happily visit again. Thank you for having me.


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