Wednesday, December 1, 2010

17 Days of Christmas Cards - Day 1

Advent Cards to College Day 1 - 2010

Time to start a new school year of Advent Cards.  Those of you following me last year might remember it was my daughter's first year of being away at college.  This, then led my daughter to the realization that she would not be able to participate in the yearly Advent Calendar.  Life changes and you have to find ways to change with it.  So began our new plan:  I decided I would make cards and send them to her every day.  For the entire time she is at college during the month of December I send a card for each day. ...and so started the new custom of Advent Cards.

Today I sent off the first card, it's one I actually posted earlier -- you can find it at this link: Old World Santa

I will post a new card tomorrow.  Today's picture is of my beautiful daughter from her 19th birthday back in September when we went up to visit her for the weekend.

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